Andrew Katz

Andrew Katz

founder & CEO

Andrew Katz made trading plans for futures, foreign exchange (FX), and stocks at EFG Bank. He kept track of his risk positions and managed his daily electronic trading activity and holdings. This let him look for good investment opportunities.

During his time at Smoking Gun, Andrew Katz made solutions for startups that covered the whole process. He had to get money from investors, talk to business clients, and help them get their products on the market. Katz shows his financial smarts by making forecasts based on very accurate analyses of market risk and data. He learned the deal-flow lifecycle by analyzing operations and making marketing materials for clients. This was a key skill for his later success as an entrepreneur.

Andrew Katz and Dylan Knight started Seaquake in 2016 and Andrew Katz is the CEO of the company. Seaquake gives the Digital Asset Market its infrastructure through development, consulting, and our core technology stack, which is connected to all parts of the

Seaquake is a group of finance, business, and tech experts like Matthew Krueger, who used to work at PayPal, who want to use advanced technologies to make digital assets that are stable. Katz says that the digital market can't take over the financial sector yet because infrastructures aren't unified and there are inefficiencies.